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Baby Squirrels ‘Nuts’ for Their Human Mommy

Abby, an employee of Blackburn & Green, a law firm with multiple locations throughout Indiana, had just left the Fort Wayne office and was heading to the parking lot when another employee called out to her. It was early May and a bit chilly and Abby soon discovered what her co-worker was so excited about. Two baby squirrels huddled together on the pavement, obviously in distress. The mother was nowhere to be seen.

Abby reached down and one of the baby squirrels crawled into her hand. That was all it took. She wrapped them up and took them home. 

After visiting a pet shop and getting a baby bottle feeding kit for kittens, she proceeded to bottle-feed the twin squirrels, whom she named Lenny and Squiggy, which was right in line with her two houseplants named Laverne and Shirley. She also gave the baby squirrels bits of assorted fruit. 

For a while, it was an around-the-clock effort to keep the squirrels fed, but the babies began to flourish. Abby bought a large birdhouse and placed it outside on the ground so Lenny and Squiggy could get used to it. 

A few nights later, when she thought they were ready, she placed the house up in a tree once the squirrels were snuggled inside. As of June 1, they are settled in their new home and scurrying up and down the tree with ease. Abby goes out and gives them fresh fruit and they will still take a bottle of milk from her. They are timid, which is good, Abby said. She plans to buy a second bird house and said she is hoping both will make her tree their fur-ever home.

* * *