Coronavirus, Vintage chicks lol

Bricked in the Pandemic

Twelve months seclusion, walled in, shut off, isolated
And now, a ray of light, a gust of hope
Life as we know it
and need it
and must have it
is there, just on the horizon.
Achingly close, yet still out of reach
We wait. It will come.
It must.
Scribbles by Viv, Vintage chicks lol

From My POV, Acronyms Are KPC

I try to be a hip social medialite, but who can keep up with the ever-changing acronym dialect? 

When this whole social media thing started years ago, I thought for months that WTF meant “Wait Till Friday,” you know, kinda like TGIF. It was only after I emailed it to my supervisor in a company memo that I found out differently.

The 5-year-old explains the latest acronyms to Grandma.

The younger people keep coming up with new acronyms so that older people — AKA parents and grandparents — don’t have a clue what they are actually talking about, which is usually how clueless their parents and grandparents are.

In my first week of AAC —Advanced Acronym Classes (taught by my grandchildren) — I’ve learned that MTFBWY does not mean “May Take Forever, But We’re Young,” (which explains why I never used that acronym), but instead, stands for “may the force be with you.” 

I also learned STFU does not stand for St. Francis University. Sister Mary Jean called to express her “disappointment” in me.


Even vintage chicks know what LOL and LMAO means, but how about TL;DR? Turns out that means “too long, didn’t read.” Now that I think about it, one of my editors used to write that on the stories I sent him. He sometimes sent my stories back a second time with a scribbled “CALMSO!” (cut a lot more sh** out)

Because of my experience with the WTF acronym, I made an assumption recently when my younger sister sent me a text that said: WFH?


Sis texted back: “OMG. LMAO. WFH means “Working from home.”